Dissertation Editors

We offer a free, no obligation, sample edit, so you know what to expect from a dissertation editor. Read on…

Most grad students have never hired a dissertation editor before and have no idea how to evaluate someone for the job. Our one-hour sample edit eliminates two questions you probably have: what can an editor do to improve my writing, and how much will it cost?

We can help! We provide the personalized expertise you need to keep moving toward your goal to complete your graduate degree. We partner with you like no one else will. Our free, no obligation, one-hour sample edit shows you what a professional editor can do, and lets us provide an accurate estimate of total cost so you know exactly what to expect. Hiring an editor might be the best thing you’ve ever done to turn your AbD into a PhD.

We are both published authors and have many years of experience as researchers, teachers, writers, and editors. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to work with individuals both within and beyond our geographical area (Boulder, Colorado). We are skilled in APA 6th edition style conventions for academic papers, as well as MLA and the Chicago Manual of Style. Our backgrounds include the humanities, social sciences, education, technical writing, and instructional design. Our assistance in other fields is limited to help with writing in standard academic English. We also offer limited tutoring services.

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