Bea Opengart, MFA

Bea Opengart, MFA

I love language. Its pleasures have fueled my teaching and my writing and absorbed my quiet hours. Editing is equally engaging; it requires me to bring my best attention to the text at hand, and that is what I will do as your editor.

In addition to close attention, I offer skills honed by education and experience. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Arizona and a Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry writing from The University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop. For thirty-three years I taught academic writing at all college levels. Most of that time was spent at The University of Cincinnati, a large research university that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of subjects, from STEM, to the social sciences and the humanities, to fine and performing arts. In addition, the University welcomes students from around the world.

To best meet the various reading and writing needs of this diverse group, I taught articles written in APA as well as MLA style, pointing out the logic of each as well as leading discussions of their contents, so students would not follow rules without understanding their purpose in connection with their own fields of study. I’ve also taught poetry writing, a form of writing often thought of as open, lacking rules. In fact, a poem might make very intricate use of language, and in teaching poetry my own linguistic sensitivity has been further developed, making me that much better a reader of all formats and writing styles.

The one-on-one work I did with my students, itself a form of editing, was my favorite part of teaching. Other editing experience includes student work accepted for publication in The University of Cincinnati’s Queen City Review, doctoral dissertations and memoirs, and my current project editing articles for a large collection of essays about the effects of World War II German occupation on a small Polish town.

My own published work includes four collections of poetry, academic essays, literary reviews, and personal essays. I’ve also presented papers at several scholarly conferences.

With editing experience, publications in several genres, a background in English literature and writing, and extensive college teaching experience, I am well qualified to edit a variety of texts. As your editor, I will apply what I have learned and accomplished to the work we do together, to help you produce the strongest possible version of your dissertation or other writing project.

What Clients Say about Bea

From the line-by-line editing that prepared my manuscript for people outside my immediate circle, to the help she gave me throughout the process of finding a publisher and getting the book through the press, Bea’s support was crucial.   I don’t think the book would have been possible without her.
— Michael Bassin, Tel Aviv, Israel, journalist and author

Working with Bea has been an educational experience and a pleasure. Bea ensured that my writing was clear and well-structured, and that I utilized and documented my sources correctly. My paper would not have been the success that it was without her aid. Her knowledge and attention to detail are a great combination. I will definitely be seeking her help again in the future.
— Corenna Kuhl, The University of Cincinnati, B.A.

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