Margaret Pevec, MA

Margaret Pevec, Dissertation Editor

Margaret Pevec, MA

My interests, passion, and work have involved the written word since my adolescence. In 9th grade I suddenly became enamored of fiction, and started checking out the fattest books I could find in the school library. I wrote my first creative piece as a sophomore, and was inspired by the poetry of my junior year lit teacher. As a young adult I worked at a new publishing house in Chicago, then later at a magazine in California. I spent nearly ten years as a technical writer and editor in Silicon Valley, and since 2000 have been a freelance writer and editor. Good writing is music in my ears.

My personal writing credits include an award-winning, co-authored book called What Kids Really Want to Ask: Using Movies to Start Meaningful Conversations. This topic was related to my work as a graduate student at Kent State University, where my master’s thesis concerned how adultism (the oppression of young people by adults) affected parent/adolescent communication. I also wrote an award-winning course for parents of 6th graders called “Parenting the Middle School Child,” and published a print magazine for parents and mentors of teenagers called Coming of Age. Currently, I write an occasional blog on adultism.

I moved to Boulder, Colorado, in 2006, and since 2007 my editing work has been mostly with graduate students on papers, theses, and dissertations, using APA style. I love entering the writing process with students and supporting their efforts to achieve advanced degrees. In a parallel universe, I’m sure I sit in an ivory tower myself! I enter the world of your research with heart and soul, to not only make sure the style conventions are correct, but also that your logic and phrasing are easily comprehensible to readers. I provide thoughtful feedback and comprehensive editing that includes checking all in-text citations against your reference list. I can also provide formatting services to set up your paper in MSWord so the table of contents is automatically generated and the pagination is correct. My editing credits in academia include work in the fields of psychology, nursing, higher education, performance, organizational development, and others. Also, my background as a technical writer in software development lends itself to degree programs in computer science. So, if the lonely writing life is getting you down, and a shot of focused, purposeful attention from an editor would help, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

What Clients Say about Margaret

In 2008, I was a PhD candidate in industrial-organizational psychology at Walden University. My dissertation chair liked the content of the 100 pages I had written for the proposal, but asked me to improve the writing so it was less choppy and more concise. I did multiple rewrites but continued to get the same feedback. After contacting several prospective editors, I reached Ms. Pevec and knew almost immediately that she was the one to help. She was knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and affordable. I had the sense that she cared about my progress. She returned the work to me quickly, and it was immediately approved. This saved me time and money because I did not have to wait or pay tuition for extra quarters due to further delays. When it was time to edit the completed dissertation, I asked Ms. Pevec to work with me again. I highly recommend her editing services.
– Dr. Tacy Holliday

After nearly 26 years of writing short sentences and checking boxes, I knew my writing skills were not the best. None of the other editors I contacted provided a free sample edit. This allowed me to see Margaret’s work, and for her to provide a firm bid for the project. Her comments were clear and showed that she had taken the time to read and understand what I was trying to say. Having a thoughtful and objective reader helped me enormously. I wish I had found her sooner!
– Pam Ballou-Nelson, PhD in Public Health, Walden University

Margaret did a free sample edit for me, and her encouragement from that initial reading made me feel understood and heard as a writer. I felt I could trust her from the beginning. She was prompt, professional, insightful, and supportive. I especially appreciated her comments and word choice, which maintained my authentic voice. I graduated on time and produced a piece of work I’m proud of.
– Brie Anderson-Feldman, MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Naropa University

Margaret edited the final version of my dissertation. She went beyond the work of two previous editors, not only correcting punctuation, grammar, and formatting, but also making many suggestions to improve the presentation of my research and to make my words flow. She looked at the whole picture. The number of her comments sometimes overwhelmed me, but it was how much they improved the paper. She was also a great support system. I felt comfortable asking for additional help, and Margaret’s responses were quick and to the point. Her communications about turnaround time and deadlines were clear and she always met her commitments to me. I felt my project came first for her.
– Linda Cerino, EdD, Walden University

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