Reynold Feldman, PhD

Reynold Feldman on his honeymoon in Casablanca, 2011

I was born in New York City and raised in both Manhattan and the suburbs. After preparing for college at a private boarding school in New Jersey, I received my BA in English, magna cum laude, from Yale. Included was a mind-expanding junior year abroad at Heidelberg University, Germany.

After twelve months of working at various jobs in Chicago, among them language tutoring, I returned to Yale for my MA and PhD. My dissertation was on innocence in the fiction of Henry James.

My academic career took me from the City University of New York to the University of Hawaii-Manoa, the East-West Center (Honolulu), the University of Maryland in Europe, Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago), and Metropolitan State University (Minneapolis-Saint Paul). As an academic I reached the rank of professor and also served as a program director, dean, and academic vice president. I consulted nationally and gave papers on adult, urban, and general education as well as faculty development.

My career has included turns as a consultant to several large foundations and nonprofit organizations and as a nonprofit fundraiser. Since leaving higher education in 1996, I founded two nonprofits and have had four books published on practical wisdom. In addition, I have edited a memoir and a treatise on Islam.

As a long-time university teacher at the undergraduate and graduate levels, I enjoy working as a dissertation editor with both native-born and international graduate students, as well as editing for theses or other academic papers. I feel comfortable assisting in all humanities and social science fields plus education, management, and other non-technical areas. Most recently, I helped a client translate her PhD dissertation in communication into a book subsequently published by R.D. Lang. I look forward to supporting you to do outstanding academic writing as well.

What Clients Say about Reynold

Thank you so much. I will let you know if I need a review later. You have been great. I am so fortunate to have found you!!!!
– PhD candidate, California

Thank you so much, Reynold! I really like the final output. If you don’t mind, I would like to follow up with you after the dissertation on services you may offer to help folks like me improve their writing.
– I, PhD student, Walden University

Thank you very much, this was wonderful!! I have already recommended you to a few other college students. . . .
– Amanda, BA student, Colorado

I found, from start to finish, Reynold was enjoyable to work with. He was up front about how he could help and offered a realistic timeline. I found our regular interaction to be pleasant while learning lots along the way. His impeccable communication and professionalism with a “twist” were invaluable. I would definitely recommend his services to others.
– Anika, PhD student, Connecticut

Competent, creative, and patient would come up first in my wholehearted recommendation of Reynold as an editor. He meets you with 30-plus years of experience. His own books shine with practical wisdom.Reynold is a skillful guide.
– Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., C.H.T., Boulder, Colorado

Reynold Feldman is an engaging, creative, and supportive writing coach. His unique methods of inquiry helped me to see myself, my writing, and my life from a wholly new perspective. I left our session with a version of my resume that felt like a true reflection of my work in the world. More significantly, our work together created a shift in my own thinking about livelihood, purpose, and meaning. With warm presence and the insight of experience, Reynold is a skillful guide.
– Sharon Rebeck, Boulder, Colorado

In addition to his considerable writing and editing skills, Reynold Feldman has a high emotional intelligence that makes him easy and fun to be with when working on a project. If you feel stuck (as many writers admit), he’ll buoy you up, explore alternative pathways to your goal, even jump-start your energies if your battery is low. With him as your mentor and guide, you’ll not only get your project completed on schedule – you’ll learn a lot that you can put to future use.
– Loren Ekroth, PhD, Publisher, “Better Conversations” eZine

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